4m Group is a holding that includes companies from the service sector as well as industrial manufacturing companies.

Resin, paint & specific coatings manufacture

The R&D team at SelectColor has developed a wide range of products including epoxy mortars, anti-graffiti paints, fungicides and anti-rust applications. SelectColor offers specific coatings for repairing pipelines as well as sealing resins, powder coatings and many others.

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Flooring solutions

4m Europe is the ideal, indispensable partner for the application of epoxy, polyurethane, acrylate, methacrylate (MMA), vinyl ester, hydraulic and granite terrazzo resin-based industrial flooring.

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4m Engineering provides contracting authorities with expertise and innovative solutions, from the initial cost estimate to the total restoration of civil structures such as viaducts, bridges and concrete buildings.

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Real estate development

Henova is a real estate development company for offices, businesses and residences.

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